Essential Oils and Your Health

Before I begin here is my disclaimer. I am NOT a health professional. I do NOT recommend you replacing oils with any treatment your doctor has given you. These can be used in addition to what your doing with your health care provider, NOT a replacement. These will work for some; but, not for all. This is simply my testimony and the science behind it.

I primarily use Young Living Essential Oils. They are medical grade oils. They can be used internally, externally (neat on the skin), or diffused. I also get blank pill capsules and make my own “blends” to take. There are other oils besides Young Living; but, be careful as some of them are very low quality.

Some people use essential oils for meditation, to help with depression/anxiety, and even to add to treatment for some illnesses. This is only MY experience. I can NOT comment on if oils worked better/worse for other people. Experiences will vary. I also turned to oils as a way to go more natural in my own health. I still see a doctor and I still take his advice.

When I first started with oils I got a starter pack. It came with 10 very basic oils. These are oils I still use to this day. Since then I have ordered other oils more specific to my needs at the time of my order. Please do your research on what you may need for you. Since that first starter package I have since made a pain cream that I use for my arthritis, and muscle aches. I make my own capsules for pain relief that are none addictive. I also make my own bath salts to soak in to help with the above mentioned issues or just to relax. I have a couple of oils I diffuse nightly that help me sleep. I also rub then on my feet for the same reason.

Oils can be used to keep insects away, help with bad odors or attitude. I have a(n) oil I use called Trauma Life that I started using after my 17 year old son passed away. It has helped me deal with my situational depression. I have a(n) oil called Brain Power that I use on my son who has ADHD that helps him concentrate when doing his school work.

I use peppermint oil to help with upset stomach issues and also with fevers. I personally have over 75 different oils/oil blends. I have taken a couple of classes and have some research books to help me decide which oils work best for certain ailments.

In 2013 the doctor found some tumors in my Uterus. I went through various procedures; but, I didn’t like the way the pain medicine made me feel. I still had to be a mom. So I looked into oils. I started mixing some oils into blank capsules and used instead of my prescriptions. My doctor knew I was going to try this; but, he also knew if I was in severe pain I’d go back to my prescriptions. The oils worked with my pain. Made it tolerable without me feeling like a zombie on prescription pain meds. I still took my antibiotics, etc like the doctor prescribed. I recovered on my own terms.

In 2014 they found more tumors in my Uterus and also Ovaries, and in my right Breast. I had a major surgery on a Tuesday. Exactually 7 days later I had another major surgery. I had part of my right breast removed during one surgery. The next surgery I had my Uterus, an ovary, and part of my bladder removed. I spent the rest of the summer recovering. Since the oils worked so well for me in 2013 I used them again once I left the hospital. I again had GREAT results on my pain management, swelling, etc. I still took my prescription antibiotics.

In 2015 I lost my 17 year old son three days after his birthday in a tragic accident. I fell into a severe depression. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep for several weeks. Not more than 1-3 hours at a time. I turned again to oils. I used Trauma Life; but, I also used other uplifting oils. I still have bad/rough days; but, I can be a mom now to all my other children. Before, I just shut the world out.

I know gift oils for loved ones who I know are having a rough time. I make pain cream to share with those who suffer with arthritis like I do. I make bath salts at the holidays to gift people using the essential oils to help them feel uplifting. I’ve had lots of positive feed back in them. They are NOT for everyone though. They do work better for some than others. That has to do with their chemistry. Oils are from plants, trees, etc. They are a natural resource. They come from living things. Therefore they have a chemical make-up.  Just as each person does. Therefore, some oils may work better for you than others do.

These are NOT a replacement for your doctors care. They can be used as a supplement. They were a miracle for me. That doesn’t mean they will be for you.

By: Becky LeMaster