Doctor List

These physicians have been recommended by our members who have been pleased with their medical care. MCTDFoundation, as an organization, has not vetted these physicians and are therefore not endorsing them beyond providing their names and locations.



Dr. Richard Jones in Tuscaloosa is AMAZING


Dr. Raquel Mercado, OB/GYN, Tucson, AZ

Dr. Syed Azam, Internal Medicine. Vail, AZ


Dr. Chabra (Rhe) Fullerton , California Dr. Kermani in Santa Monica, CA is wonderful and compassionate

Dr.Elvira Lindwall, Rheumatologist Thousand Oaks CA

Dr. Eric Lee at Inland Rhuematology in Upland, CA. Dr. C.T. Hung, gastroenterologist, in Upland, CA

Dr. Martha Gonzalez, Endocrinologist Ventura, CA


Dr. Thackor in Fort Collins CO


Dr. Dean Stephens, Rheumatologist in Savannah, GA


Dr. Bob Sun, rheumatologist in Vernon Hills & Evanston, IL
He’s with Northshore University Health System

Dr. Patrick Schuette in the northern Chicago suburbs. I see him in Morton Grove, IL


Dr. Sunita Penmatcha, Rheumatologist, Davenport IA


Dr. Ying Du- Rheumatologist, Dr Maureen Stoffa- primary, Dr. Cheryl Faber Neurologist,,Dr Steven Grand berg – pain management. Saint Louis Mo.

New York

Dr. Modjinou in Syracuse, NY


Dr. Thomas Henderson Dayton Arthritis and Allergy Dayton Ohio


Dr Fohrman, Deschutes Rheumatology, Bend Oregon…specifically his PA, Tiana Welch…she rocks!


Dr. Gerald Falasca and NP Melissa Parrish at Medical Specialists of Johnson City in Johnson City, TN.


Austin TX: Dr Monty Tew, Dr Paul Pickrell, both rheumatologists

San Antonio Texas Dr. Chelsea Clinton


Dr. Kualty and Dr. Duncan, Ayrshire and Arran, West of Scotland

 United Kingdom

Professor Neil McHugh, Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom!! Specialises in MCTD